Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ohios Screaming Bridge

Growing up I have heard many of tales involving bridges, I think every state has at least one such story. This is the story of Ohio's screaming bridge...

Long ago in West Chester Ohio, there lived a newly married couple. On an exceptionally dark and stormy night, the newly weds were driving home from a party. As the couple was nearing the now famed bridge, they lost control of the car. Careening out of control, they smashed into the guardrail of the bridge and the vehicle launched over the side dropping 30 feet onto the railroad tracks below...but it wasn't the fall that killed them, moments after the vehicle landed, a train smashed their car to bits instantly killing the husband. The bride lived for two more days, passing in and out of her coma. The day the bride died, she was conscious long enough to ask about her husband. The nurse told the woman about the accident, and that her husband felt no pain. Moments later the bride fell unconscious again and passed on.

To this day, the bride is seen on dark and stormy nights wandering the tracks under the bridge, wailing her lament to the world...searching forever for her lost husband.

This story has many ways of telling the tale, some involving suicidal teenagers a few told the way I did, but all of them are experienced in the same way. On stormy nights, you hear screams in the night and see a floating ball of yellow light. One tale explains the light as a conductor on the railroad that was decapitated by a passing train.

I have personally seen the yellow light floating down the tracks, and heard the wailing in the night. The layout of the road and bridge make it a very dangerous area to try to investigate on your own. The road curves around to the right just as you are about to enter the bridge, and back to the left again as you leave the bridge. Seeing the bridge kinda lends to the intrigue of this story, you can easily imagine a car driving too fast on this road and losing control on these turns.
That being said I will not disclose the exact location of the bridge

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